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icecream is a lightweight, non-interactive, stream download utility. It connects to icecast and shoutcast servers or direct stream URLs, and redirects all fetched content to stdout and/or to media files on your disk.

Listen to the stream piping the output to a stdin-capable media player. Save the stream to a named file or split it into different tracks. It is possible to redirect the stream and save it to disk at the same time.

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  • Version 1.3 released (28 Apr 2008)
    • Patched by Cristian Greco
    • Parse .m3u playlist starting with a comment
    • Fix wrong request to server, including strange 404 errors and 302 redirect
    • Support direct stream URLs
    • Save anonymous stream with a pattern filename
    • Save .ogg streams with right extension
    • Split into tracks and tee to stdout at the same time
    • Option '--user-agent' was mentioned as '--useragent'
    • New description and example in man page
  • Version 1.2 released (17 Jan 2006)
    • Added support for formatted filenames (e.g, "podcast-%Y-%m-%d"), thanks to Sean Dague for the patch
  • Version 1.0 released (10 Nov 2005)
    • All bugs resolved (all two of them!)
    • Optional sync to mp3 headers
    • Some code cleanup
  • Version 0.8 released (27 Sep 2003)
    • Added a stop-condition option (elapsed minutes, songs, KB or MB)
    • Fixed Digitally Imported playlist bug (thanks to Andrej for his patch)
  • Version 0.7 finally released! (29 Mar 2003)
    • First public version now available for download
    • Please be sure to report bugs and suggest improvements


Latest version (1.3) is available for download here
Click here to go project download page on SourceForge

icecream is released under the GNU General Public License, share and enjoy! 

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icecream was written by Gil Megidish; I can be contacted at gil at megidish dot net
icecream sources and the official Debian package are maintained by Cristian Greco since version 1.3
Feel free to suggest, improve, flame or just talk non-sense!

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